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    I'm Jasper Espejo, a freelance web designer from Manila, Philippines who's been designing websites since 2000. I'm here to help. Know more about my web design services and get an instant quote.
  • Old dog* who keeps learning new web tricks.
    *With 10+ years experience as web designer, I'm an old hand in freelance web design.
  • That's over a decade of accumulated web design skills that I can put to use in building your website.
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    November 28th, 2012

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WordPress Design

Are you looking for a freelance WordPress designer in the Philippines?
I am a freelance web designer who uses WordPress
to create professional websites for clients
from the Philippines and abroad.

My platform of choice for building websites is WordPress. WordPress is a free tool that was built as a blogging system but which eventually evolved into a content management system. WordPress is so popular it now powers over 17% of all websites around the world!

Using WordPress as content management system (CMS) has many benefits:

  1. OPEN SOURCE. WordPress is absolutely free and maintained by a community of developers ensuring that the codes are up-to-date and the the system leverages new technology. Security vulnerabilities are immediately addressed by a strong and supportive community.
  2. EASY TO SETUP. WordPress is easy to install and works right away. All that’s needed is to customize the design and to add extra features to fit your needs. Less time to create your website, means less cost.
  3. EASY TO MANAGE. You have total control over the content of your site. You can update text, images, media and create new pages and posts by yourself using a password-protected admin area. As your designer, I am always ready to support you in managing your site, but having WordPress means you don’t always have to rely on me to keep your site updated.
  4. EASY TO THEME. WordPress is built in such a way that it is possible to change the look to almost any form you can imagine. As your designer, I can build a unique theme for your site. There are also tons of free and commercial themes that you can get online to use for your own but I suggest that if you are serious about your business, then do consider having a unique WordPress theme. You don’t want your online identity to look like everybody else, that’s the disadvantage of using free or commercial themes.
  5. EASY TO EXTEND. There are hosts of plugins, many of them free, that you can add to enhance your site: photo gallery, shopping cart, Facebook and twitter integration, to name a few. You can even have your own social network using WordPress + BuddyPress plugin. And most of them are easy to add to your WordPress site just by the click of an install button. No need to run to an expensive programmer every time you need to add extra components to your site.

If you would like to know more about how WordPress can help your website, contact me now so we can discuss.

How I Work

Step 1: Project

Our first step to building your website is for me to gather as much information as I can about you or your company. Some of the questions I ask include:

  1. what your company is about or professional services that you offer;
  2. what you need with your website in terms of content or features;
  3. your design preferences/suggestions or company branding guidelines;
  4. your competition, their websites and why you think their sites work or fail;
  5. our measure of success or what you hope to achieve with your new website;
  6. information about your hosting.

To speed things up, I have created an online form that you may answer here. The form automatically calculates an estimate of the total project cost. Right from the start, you may already have an idea about the fees you will be paying for web development. My final quote will not deviate far from the calculated cost unless additional features are added to the project.

Step 2: Project Proposal
with Final Quote

I review your requirements then prepare a project proposal with final quote and email this to you in PDF format. The proposal contains a detailed list of the scope of the project.Before I proceed with development, you must agree to the items outlined in the proposal. An email agreement is sufficient — simply reply with an “I agree” or something to that effect — and this will then serve as our contract.

Before starting the next step, I send you an online invoice for 30% of the total cost. I especially require this for first time clients. With repeat clients, I usually invoice them after web development is completed (but before the project is launched). You may pay via PayPal, Western Union or bank deposit.

Step 3: Design and
Web Development

I create the design in Photoshop. It’s ok if we prepare several design mockups before I start with web development. It is your website and I want you to be happy with the design before I start coding.

Once you approve a design, I start building your website. Usually, I build websites using a WordPress framework. This reduces the time I spend on development and I can code your site faster than building it from scratch. Sometimes it might be necessary to build a theme from scratch. This will require more time and consequently cost more. Rest assured that you will know beforehand if we go with this option.

I use my own hosting server during development. Once development is complete and I am paid in full, only then will I migrate the website to your own server. 

Depending on the site requirements, development time may take from two weeks (e.g. simple blog) to over a month (e.g. online store, large company websites).

I send you another 30% invoice when the project reaches 50% completion.

Step 4: Project Launch
and Turnover

I send you the final invoice. Upon payment, I migrate the site files to your server and your website goes live. I give free website support up to two weeks after we launch your site. Support includes:

  1. correcting typo errors;
  2. help in adding pages and posts, up to a maximum of 10 each;
  3. minor design fixes;
  4. basic manual for using the WordPress admin, especially for sites where I build custom post-types with custom metaboxes (panels where you add extra information about a post).

Free website support does not include:

  1. major design revisions that need new templates;
  2. adding plugins that require changes in templates or more design;
  3. adding more than 10 pages or posts.
  4. any feature not included in the original agreement.

We close the project and you get ready for your business to zoom from website referrals.

Featured Projects

  • Charmaine Prospero - Homepage
    Responsive Design

    Charmaine Prospero Group

    Charmaine Prospero is one of the top professional real estate advisors in Las Vegas. She needed a customized WordPress real estate theme to replace her old website. I designed a clean, professional looking real estate theme using her logo's blue and gray color combination.

    • Client: Charmaine Prospero
    • Location: Las Vegas, NV
    • Completed: April 2014
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Guam VA Loans - Home Page
    Responsive Design

    Guam VA Loans

    I created a WordPress real estate theme for Guam VA Loans, a real estate company that helps US military members to find homes in Guam.

    • Client: Jenny Howard
    • Location: Guam
    • Completed: March 2014
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Yuchengco Museum Homepage
    Responsive Design

    Yuchengco Museum

    An original, clean, current and responsive WordPress design for Yuchengco Museum with enhanced admin for managing exhibits and shop.

    • Client: Yuchengco Museum
    • Location: Makati City, Philippines
    • Completed: December 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Bikini Photo Safari Homepage Original
    Responsive Design

    Bikini Photo Safari

    I designed a WordPress photography theme that showcases bikini models shot in the beautiful islands of the Visayas. I made enhancements to the WordPress admin using custom post-types for models, locations, events and packages, as well as custom fields for adding the details about these information.

    • Client: Bikini Photo Safari
    • Location: USA
    • Completed: November 2013
    • Scope: Email Newsletter, Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Homepage (Desktop)
    Responsive Design

    Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

    Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is a Canadian financial services company that specializes in helping financial advisers find private investment opportunities in real estate, insurance, mortgages, industrial projects, etc. for their clients. I made a custom WordPress business theme and in the WP admin backend, I built several enhancements to help manage their extensive company information using custom post-types and custom fields metaboxes.

    • Client: Pinnacle Wealth Brokers
    • Location: Alberta, Canada
    • Completed: October 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Suds Laundry Homepage
    Responsive Design

    Suds Laundry

    Custom WordPress site for one of the top professional garment care and cleaning service companies in Metro Manila, Suds Laundry and Dry Cleaning. I designed a WordPress theme using textile background textures and incorporating the orange company color, integrated a store locations plugin and coded custom post-types for managing "services" pages.

    • Client: Suds Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
    • Location: Cavite, Philippines
    • Completed: October 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Jacaranda Maternity Home
    Responsive Design

    Jacaranda Maternity

    Jacaranda Maternity is the second WordPress site that I designed for Jacaranda Health. The aim of this site is to disseminate information about high-quality maternity hospitals run by Jacaranda Health. It is also built using Woothemes Canvas as framework.

    • Client: Jacaranda Health
    • Location: Kenya
    • Completed: September 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Crux Capital - Intro section
    Responsive Design

    Crux Capital

    Crux Capital is a US-based private equity fund that invests in business litigation. I built a custom WordPress one-page theme based on the company founder's design ideas.

    • Client: Andrew Stolper
    • Location: Irivine, CA, USA
    • Completed: August 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Desktop-Home-TAALs-550
    Responsive Design

    Technology Against ALS

    Technology Against ALS aims to build an easy to use, low-cost, portable, and standalone speech-generating communicator that will allow ALS patients to communicate using only eye movement. I created a basic website that tells about the project, the people behind it and related news and information. The site is made with WordPress using an original child theme of Woothemes Canvas.

    • Client: Technology Against ALS
    • Location: USA
    • Completed: May 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Homepage-Century-Hotel-Angeles-Desktop-v2
    Responsive Design

    Century Hotel Angeles

    Century Hotel in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines has been providing incomparable guest service to travelers for more than twenty years. The hotel recently renovated their rooms and the owners realized the need to re-design their WordPress site as well in order to have a current and trendy appeal, one that "does not look like other hotel WordPress templates." For the design, I decided to use fullscreen slideshows and a layout that does not follow the usual column templates favored by hundreds of commercial templates. I used the Canvas framework from WooThemes, but heavily modified.

    • Client: Jenny Sohu
    • Location: Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
    • Completed: January 2013
    • Scope: Email Newsletter, Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • White International Language Studies Homepage
    Responsive Design

    White International Language Studies

    White International Language Studies or WILS is the communication arm of White International Training and Consultancy, Inc. It offers language courses in English, Filipino, Mandarin, and Spanish as a second language. I created a WordPress site for sharing information about the language courses being offered and an online registration form linked to PayPal payment.

    • Client: Jill Alcoreza
    • Location: Makati City, Philippines
    • Completed: January 2013
    • Scope: Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Palo Alto Home
    Responsive Design

    Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast

    I designed this original WordPress website for an eco-friendly bed & breakfast in Palawan, Philippines. I utilized Woothemes Canvas as framework upon which I built an original child theme. The project also includes online reservation forms, and Mailchimp newsletter.

    • Client: Pauline Ylaya
    • Location: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
    • Completed: October 2012
    • Scope: Email Newsletter, Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • homepage
    Responsive Design

    Lalaine R. Ylaya Insurance Agency

    I utilized Woothemes Canvas as framework upon which I built an original child theme for an independent insurance agency. I also setup the company's Facebook Page and integrated the online quote form as a custom Facebook Page tab, the same online form that is found in the website. The project also includes setup and design of the Mailchimp email newsletter. The newsletter subscription form is integrated both into the WordPress website and the Facebook Page.

    • Client: Pauline Ylaya
    • Location: Alabang City, Philippines
    • Completed: September 2012
    • Scope: Email Newsletter, Facebook Page, Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • swimph-home
    Responsive Design

    Swim Philippines

    Swim Philippines is built with WordPress using Woothemes' Canvas framework and a custom-designed Buddypress child theme. The BuddyPress theme provides an integral social networking component needed to fulfill the site's requirement to be the biggest online community of swimming athletes and enthusiasts. With Canvas' built-in responsive layout, I was able to create a website that displays nicely inside smartphones and tablets.

    • Client: Angelo Lozada
    • Location: Makati City, Philippines
    • Completed: September 2012
    • Scope: BuddyPress, Featured, Responsive Layout, WordPress
  • Avilist Corporation  - Homepage
    Responsive Design

    Avilist Corporation

    Using my favorite framework, Woothemes Canvas, I designed a clean website for Avilist that highlights new aviation parts on the homepage as well as a simple search form. I installed WooCommerce to manage product listings. The shopping cart functionality was removed because the client only needed to show a catalog of products without the ability to buy online. With Canvas' built-in responsive layout, I was able to create a website that displays nicely inside smartphones and tablets.

    • Client: Phil Cambe
    • Location: Van Nuys, CA, USA
    • Completed: August 2012
    • Scope: Featured, Online Store, Responsive Layout, WordPress

“ ”


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
— Confucius

I am a freelance web designer from the Philippines who loves designing unique WordPress sites for clients from here and abroad. If you need a proposal for a project, I have built an online quote form you may use for this purpose.

I currently reside in Manila, although I grew up in Vigan, a town about 400km north of the capital city of the Philippines. Vigan is a beautiful town, listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Village because of the Spanish colonial houses and the old baroque church in the town center.

I studied Medical Technology but I belatedly realized that I did not enjoy being around sick people. I took another diploma in Fine Arts. After a few years hanging out with other artists, I learned that there’s not much money in it unless you’re exceptionally talented.

My life’s turning point came when I went to work for the late Santiago Bose. Helping him create his large paintings in the late 90s was the peak of my very short career in the arts. Santi was exposed to digital arts being produced by artists abroad and was keen on incorporating digitally manipulated images in his artworks. He let me play around with his computer’s image editing program to produce images that were eventually transferred to mixed-media paintings.

Jasper Espejo Photo

While exploring the installed programs in his laptop I came upon Netscape Composer and learned that I can make web pages with it. I searched the net for tutorials and stumbled upon Webmonkey where I religiously read about html. I decided right then that I wanted to learn this new technology. To push me further, Santi came up with the idea that we should make a website for Baguio Arts Guild. For days, I read about Macromedia Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver from various online tutorials.

A few weeks of self-study resulted to this (WARNING: the browser might popup an old realplayer plugin, that’s no virus so don’t panic.) This is one ugly website but it is where everything started.

Three years later, my web design skills brought me to Manila to work for an American expat. We created websites from a small home office. Another year later, my awesome skills brought me to Kuala Lumpur for a two-year stint in a market research company, as in-house web manager. For two years I updated the company websites and helped create online surveys for clients like Mandarin Oriental.

More than ten years later and after working for several web design companies, I decided to go freelance and am now working from home helping foreign and Filipino clients bring their businesses online.

The internet has changed dramatically since I typed my first lines of code in Netscape Composer. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with new technologies. No wonder young kids now have to go to school to learn a profession that took me only a few weeks to learn over 14 years ago. I do my best to keep up (still by reading online tutorials) because my love for creating websites is the one thing that has not changed. I am happy that after a few career dead-ends, I eventually discovered a profession that I truly enjoy doing.