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I’ve been wanting to re-design my portfolio website for some time now. It’s been wearing the same look for, I think, almost five years and it’s looking very stale. Unfortunately (or fortunately–depends on how you look at it) I have been just too busy with work to manage anything but a basic layout in photoshop.

It got to a point where I was tempted to buy a commercial template, just to be done with it. There are tons of great looking wordpress themes being sold online at very low prices in sites like themeforest, and I admit I have purchased a few of them for my own projects.

But then I remember how I dislike seeing other designers’ portfolios and realizing that they are modified commercial or free templates. I mean, doesn’t it look bad for one’s rep as a designer if your own website was designed by somebody else?

So I explored another option: wordpress frameworks. With a framework, I can shorten dev time and at least go live with my website using the barebone-theme that goes with the framework. I can maybe put a few mods; then slowly add to the design customization in the future, whenever time allows.

I found two options: one is popular with self-help gurus, the other one is Platform, a theme from Pagelines, which has nice-looking, clean wordpress demo and admin interface. At the moment, I am using the free version of the latter. I am liking it so far, even though the free version does not include the features I need to customize the presentation. I will test drive with a few more posts before deciding to buy the pro version.

For my site’s next reincarnation I have decided on two things: 1) be Google friendly-ier, keep design simple, less graphics and effects, more text; 2) bring the blog back and tell more about myself and the good and bad (but I hope mostly good) things that happen to me.

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