How to create a custom Facebook Page

Since my last post on the same topic, Facebook has streamlined the Page Tab creation process, so I thought an updated tutorial is long overdue. I have prepared a 3-part tutorial where I will teach you how to create a custom (1) Facebook Page using (2) Facebook’s Page Tab application, and finally I will show you how to serve the tab content using (3) WordPress.

WordPress for the clueless:How to build a WordPress site

What is obvious from the questions I get from clients is the lack of knowledge on some of the more technical aspects of WordPress, from dealing with domains and web hosts, to installing and managing WordPress, themes and plugins. Rather than repeating my answers over emails when somebody asks me a question about WP, I have decided to write a guide on setting up WP and direct future queries to my posts.

How to create an iframe Facebook Page with content from WordPress

Recently Facebook announced that they are going to deprecate the use of FBML in favor of iframe for Page tabs. Starting March 11th, 2011, reports say you won’t be able to add static FBML apps to your Facebook Page. You have always wanted a custom Facebook Page but you are not html-savvy, and now you have to deal with iframes and html coding just to set up a nice image as welcome page on Facebook. If you can read and smart enough to follow step-by-step instructions, I can help you get your first iframe tab in Facebook up in no time.