How to create a custom Facebook Page

Since my last post on the same topic, Facebook has streamlined the Page Tab creation process, so I thought an updated Facebook Page tutorial is long overdue. I have prepared a 3-part tutorial where I will teach you how to create a custom (1) Facebook Page using (2) Facebook’s Page Tab application, and finally I will show you how to serve the tab content using (3) WordPress.

Part 1: Create a Facebook Page

Step 1: Head over to and click on “Create Page”.

Step 2: Select the type of Page you want to create, fill up the information and click on the “Get Started” button. In this tutorial I will be working on a “Website” fan page, which you can find under “Brand or Products”.

Step 3: If you have a profile photo ready, you can upload it on this page. Be creative about this space and make your profile photo full size, which is about 180px wide and 540px tall. Click on “Continue”.

Step 4: If you want to tell your friends/network about your page right away, you can do so in this page. However, I suggest not to do it yet since your page is still empty of content. Click on “Continue”.

Step 5: Enter the name of your website and description. Click “Continue”.

Step 6: Your page is ready.

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