Look what I made with Canvas

It’s been a good year for my freelance web design business and most of the projects I completed this year were WordPress sites. And for ALL of them, I built with child themes using WooThemes’ excellent framework called Canvas.

Canvas lives up to its name. It truly is a tool that I can shape into almost any design to my and my client’s liking. You can already do a lot of design modifications by simply using the built-in theme options panel. But where Canvas truly shines is in the template functions. It has plenty of hookable sections, shortcodes, and you can edit almost anything by copying php include files into your own child theme. The framework also takes care of making your theme responsive right off the bat. It regularly gets security and enhancement updates. Upgrading to a newer framework version is easy with just one click from the theme options panel.

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The framework is extensively documented in an online codex and this helps immensely while I create customized templates. And when I am stumped with a problem during coding, the support team and the forum members are always ready with their advice or by giving straight answers in coded php!

So how flexible is Canvas? Flexible enough for me to take this default look:


… and turn it to these:



… and those are just selected projects where I worked with the clients directly. I also used Canvas extensively in subcontract works, which unfortunately I cannot show here because I have sworn  not to publish them in my own portfolio.

So if you are a freelance web designer like me who does a lot of WordPress projects, try Canvas and make your WordPress development faster and life easier.

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  1. This is great info Jasper! I’ve been thinking about starting with a framework and decided to go with Canvas. I’m glad to hear your experiences with the framework. Great designs by the way!

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