My new portfolio blog, running on PlatformPro

UPDATE: I have since changed the theme to WooThemes Canvas. But I continue to design and support PlatfromPro for clients.

Website portfolio re-design
A screenshot of my re-designed blog's homepage.

I blogged about re-designing my website on New Year’s eve. I resolved to finish the re-design before January is over. I also mentioned that I was using the free version of Platform from Pagelines to evaluate the features prior to buying the pro version. I liked the features of the free theme, in fact the free features were extensive and would be more than enough for any casual blogger.

However, I needed a better way to output a few important sections of my website, like the portfolio page and I thought the “boxes” feature of the pro version will do nicely. I also needed to have different columns for different pages and that feature was deactivated in the free version.

So, last weekend I went ahead and bought the PlatformPro.

It took me just a few hours to learn setting up the page and post templates via drag-and-drop. I had a little problem with sidebar plugins, in places where I wanted some plugins to show while be hidden from other pages that shared the same PlatformPro template. In the end, it was easily solved by installing a widget logic plugin.

And in just one afternoon, this was the result: a brand spanking new website layout just the way I wanted it–clean, more text, a blog homepage. What’s more, it now looks nice in other browsers, where before it looked ugly in IE especially older IE browsers.

It’s not 100% complete. I haven’t really setup the portfolio page the way I imagined it, using the boxes template. Instead, I dumped all my old works in a gallery page. I think for now I will keep it this way and just add new works to the portfolio boxes in the future.

One thought on “My new portfolio blog, running on PlatformPro

  1. I like your new design very much. Not that I saw what you had before, but it’s very satisfying to navigate and view.

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