About the client

The Siteserv Group is a multidisciplinary construction company with centers in Cavite and Batangas, Philippines. The company aims to become the leading contractor for blue chip clients and major construction companies. Siteserv also extends external training and skills-development courses to their clients’ staff and personnel.

Project description

Siteserv asked me “to produce a website that any international company would be proud of, bringing a modern style website to a currently stale industry segment.”

Reviewing the list of competitor websites given by the client, I found that many of them use a design style that was quite dated. I decided to give Siteserv a more current look by incorporating a long-scrolling homepage with large slideshows and fixed background images.

Siteserv Homepage

Since Siteserv is a fairly new company, I wanted the homepage to immediately inform viewers what the company is about. I placed a short introductory text on top of the page in large font size (this was later removed in the final version) and a slideshow that shows photos of people at work and images related to the industries in which the company operates.

Below the slideshow, the homepage features introductory information about the company’s services and covered industry sectors. The training service is also advertised with a call-to-action button to “learn more”.

The rest of the pages follow a minimal layout patterned after the popular content-sidebar format to better present information about the company and services in a clear manner.

I made no special customization to the WordPress admin area as there was no need to create any custom editor features.