About the client

Vertaccount is an accounting services provider catering to small and medium size businesses in the United States, Australia, and the Philippines.

The company was founded in 2010 in Hawaii and the Philippines by Carlo Navarro and Bernice Parsons. Starting only with 5 individuals, the company now has grown to 45 encompassing 3 countries. Vertaccount opened its Sydney office on January 2014.

Project description

I met with the Senior Marketing Associate, Ms. Acielle Garcera, to better understand their needs. Vertaccount is expanding its presence in the US and Australia and this rapid growth requires a professional looking website which offers both globally and  locally relevant content while being managed from a central source. Ms. Garcera also requested for a system to help her add global and regional services, and information about the company’s management and staff.

I designed a website using the company’s existing brand colors. We looked at several websites of similar companies and decided on a layout that follows current trends: large slideshows and background images, 100% width boxes, large fonts and buttons, and info-heavy scrolling homepage.



WordPress multisite to the rescue

To solve the problem of centrally-managed global and regional information, I installed WordPress as a multisite network. The main WP site controls the global website while the network sites control the regional websites. With this setup, the client can easily create new regional sites without worrying over setting up new subdomains or installing new WP sites from scratch.

“Broadcasting” articles to regional sites

To share global content to regional sites without the need to manually duplicate the articles, we opted for the ThreeWP Broadcast plugin which allows articles to be automatically duplicated as child posts in other network sites. It also has the advantage of auto-syncing changes in the parent articles back to the child articles. In theory, this plugin looked like a very good solution, but turned out to be quite buggy in practice with articles duplicating twice in certain cases.

Custom post types

I created several custom post types to help manage website content: services, leaders, team, case studies and office locations. I also created metaboxes for inserting extra information within each custom post type. For example, here is the metabox for the “Services” post type to capture details like an image and short description to represent the service in the “Services” overview page. The metabox also has options to connect the service to corresponding testimonials and case studies.


Responsive design

Finally, I made the website responsive for better viewing in tablets and smartphones.