About TECO Industrial Park

TECO Industrial Park is a 200-hectare economic zone located in Pampanga, Philippines and is home to several international and domestic corporations.

Project description

Impressed with the website I made for Solenergy, the Chief Operating Officer of TECO hired me to re-design their corporate website too. They requested a one-page layout similar to Solenergy but using the corporate brand colors for the design. Among the media resources the client sent me, I found a panoramic photo of the industrial park that I liked so I used it as the main image of the website. I scripted the image to pan left and right when a user moves a mouse over the photo. Below the photo, I built sections for presenting copy about the advantages of locating a business in the park. The aim is to convince prospective locators by showing them that TECO is built near major expressways, a seaport and an international airport and is also close to Metro Manila.

I also added animation to the website's header to make it more interesting. I used the same GSAP platform as in the Solenergy website for the animation.