The Client

Bikini Photo Safari arranges the travel logistics for photographers who wish to visit the beautiful islands in the Visayas and photograph equally beautiful Filipina bikini models. BPS plans all the local travel itineraries and supplies the gears including the assistance from local professional photographers, makeup artists and stylists.

When Robert Allsup, the company founder, first emailed me asking for help to set up their website, I was reluctant to accept the project. I have nothing against photographing women in bikinis, but I worried that it could be a front for some other trade. Mr. Allsup convinced me that they were a legitimate company and this was something he had dreamed to do for a long time. He left his corporate job to focus on his new venture, something I could relate to from personal experience. So I agreed to do the project.

Mr. Allsup and his business partners arrived in the Visayas right after the strong earthquake that devastated Bohol. In one email, he mentioned worrying over the sturdiness of their rented high-rise condo during aftershocks. And then super-typhoon Haiyan struck while they were still in the Visayas shooting photos to go into the website! With company owners this persistent and hard-working, I'm sure there can only be good things ahead for this startup.

The Project

For BPS, I designed an original WordPress photography theme using wide layout, large background images and background-filling slideshows to better showcase their sample model photos. I used colors that are reminiscent of tropical beaches. Unfortunately the large slideshow format was ditched for fixed width images in the final launch version of the site as the owners were worried about images getting cropped in awkward places in smaller screen sizes. Here is my original design for the website.

My original homepage design for Bikini Photo Safari

In the WordPress admin, I added custom post-types to easily add models, locations, events and packages. I also gave each post-type custom metaboxes for inserting further details about each article. For example, under the “Models” custom post type, I added panels for adding model photos to the slideshow and another panel for adding model vital stats.

Metabox for model details page

Finally, I made the website responsive to make it adapt to tablets and smartphones.