Thank you 2010

There are many things I am thankful for in 2010:

  • Finally quit smoking. As of today I am 365 days nicotine free. Yes, new year resolutions do work. My secret to finally kicking the habit is to just go cold-turkey… and having someone important who’d get mad if you even contemplate smoking.
  • Healthy me. As a kid, I was very sickly; so I’m immensely grateful that as I grow older, my health seems to be faring better. I attribute it to going to the gym.
  • Happy me. Thanks for making 2010 a happy year for me. You know who you are ;-).
  • Successful freelance work. 3+ years ago, I could never have imagined that freelancing would be this rewarding. Now, if I could only clean up my wayward spending and prioritize my savings, I can be finally financially (more) stable. I’m putting that down in my new year’s resolution for 2011.
  • Saw the temples of Angkor. I have this penchant for old world temples and I hope to see more in coming years. Also spent a couple of days in Ho Chi Minh before coming back to Manila.
  • Family holiday in Singapore. I’ve always wanted my parents to see even just little of the world before they are way too old to travel. Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s discounted fares, I was able to do that in August 2010. Hopefully I can save enough this year for another trip in 2012.

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