Two belated holiday presents: “The 4-Hour Body” book for me and Photobook albums for my sis and niece

Last week, two belated holiday presents arrived by parcel: Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body book which I pre-ordered on Amazon before Christmas and  a couple of Photobook albums that I designed and sent for printing right after Christmas.

The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour Body
The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Workweek

Truth is, I am not really sure why I got Tim Ferriss’ new book. Brand loyalty, I guess. I’m a big fan. Or maybe because it was discounted and came bundled with the updated The 4-Hour Workweek (PDF) and another ebook from Ramit Sethi.

The stub to claim the Amazon parcel at the post-office arrived while I was still on vacation. The post office at Mandaluyong City Hall is just one short tricycle ride away, so I immediately went to claim my shipment the day after I returned back to Manila.

The first time I had books shipped from Amazon, the post-office employee I dealt with asked for grease-money to have the books released without me having to pay tax which in his computation amounted to double the price of the books I bought. I only learned later that no payment was needed since books were not taxed at all. So this time, I was ready to put up a fight in case I had to face a similar situation, but fortunately no such thing happened. Transaction was smooth. I gave them the stub and my ID, they gave me a logbook to sign and right after they handed me the brown Amazon box. Fast. Efficient.

So far, I have browsed the chapter about gaining muscle mass and exercise tips. My initial impression is that there is nothing new in this book that you have not heard or read before if this is your thing and have googled it extensively on the internet. A friend of mine read the chapter on losing weight and he is of similar impression about the ideas contained in the book about weighloss. But then again, the point of The 4-Hour Body is not to present new ideas but to collect those ideas scattered all over the web into a book (no more googling) and, especially, for Tim Ferriss to test these ideas using his own body, and to inspire us with his personal results.

And we are inspired enough to at least follow some suggestions in the book. My friend decided to follow the 6-days-no-carbs-1-day-binge-diet for a month, and ditch going to the gym like the book says (to my disapproval). I on the other hand is following the book’s suggestion to increase calorie and protein intake. But as for the exercise tips, I find those a bit hard to follow at the neighborhood gym where I go now because the place gets pretty crowded and doing slow movement exercises might annoy some. Maybe I can start on Tim’s exercise sets when I am back at Eclipse Fitness. In the meantime I will stick with a more conventional exercise routine.


Photobook album of my niece Monique
The Photobook albums (hard cover with image wrap) that I created as Christmas gifts for my sister and niece.

I purchased a couple of discounted offers from Photobook Philippines before Christmas hoping to give photo albums of my niece as gift to my sis. But I was too busy with work to finish the layout in time, and only managed to complete the design right before the NY holiday break. Printing took about a week, and the photo albums arrived a few days after we were back from a family vacation in Baguio City.

Quality of book material is good. I don’t really like the paper, but my budget prevented me from upgrading to better paper stock. I don’t quite like the way some of the colors came out, but then that is the risk of desktop-to-press and no fault of Photobook. There really is no sure way of knowing how monitor colors will translate to print unless you proof your work.

Sister and niece looked happy when I gave these to them, so I guess in the end it was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Two belated holiday presents: “The 4-Hour Body” book for me and Photobook albums for my sis and niece

  1. Great blog Jasper!

    I’ve just completed week one on the Four Hour Diet and i’m not that impressed with the results to be honest with you!

    I lost 2.3kg and 1.3% body fat, but I lost more than that when I was just on a calorie controlled diet, I didn’t lose any inches around my waist or hips. I am going to stick to it and see if I can lose a similar amount in week 2, if the weight loss carries on in the same rate then it will be pretty good, but I can see it steadying off now! I’ll let you know how I get on

  2. Hey Jasper, nice site, I like the cleanliness.

    Four-hour body, one thing I found especially helpful in gaining muscle/size is to take what taking muscle to failure really means:

    5 seconds up, 5 seconds down, until you can’t move the weight at all, then keep trying for another 5 seconds, and then if you can’t move it, lower it down for 5 to 10 seconds.

    Ultimately, that’s 10-15 seconds being at failure. That’s rough! And that’s where the gains are.

    My gf had a big smile on the other day too. ;)

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