Guest Post: Web designer apps for the iPhone

Web designers will find that the Apple iPhone offers a variety of handy apps and tools to use when designing and accessing websites. All a designer needs is access to the best mobile broadband connection available and they’ll have some of the finest iPhone apps for web designers’ right in the palm of their hand.

What the Font


What the Font is a versatile iPhone app that allows the user to take a picture of fonts found in magazines, posters or other artwork and connect to the My Fonts website to identify the font. Fonts found in graphics accessed through the phone’s web browser can also be used. This is very useful for web designers that want to incorporate different fonts into their web pages.




Recognized as one of the web’s most comprehensive photo collection sites, Photobucket offers an app that gives web designers access to its site. Users can create, upload, manage and browse the extensive amount of photos directly from their iPhone. By using the best mobile broadband, accessing the photos will be a snap.


Word Press


The Word Press app gives users access to their Word Press web pages with many of the features available right on their iPhone. With the best mobile broadband access pages can be updated, shared and created. Posting and commenting are also available.




Using Wi-Fi or the 3G connection, the ServersMan app turns the iPhone into an extension of a web server. Most common file formats are supported including text, PDF, HTML, CSS, XML, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. With this app, designers can use the power of their iPhone to connect to their server.


Palettes 3.0


The iPhone can be used to access colour palettes found via photos, graphics or the web with the Palettes 3.0 app. Colour palettes and colour themes can be created directly in the app. Different colour formats such as RGB, CMYK, and HSV are supported.


CSS Cheat Sheet


This is a simple app that allows designers to determine the colour code for a particular element of their webpage design such as background, colour or border. The CSS Cheat Sheet app is very useful when doing CSS layouts.


Python Cheat Sheet


This coding language app provides helpful information to designers when developing pages using the Python language. It gives help with the format and layout information in a simple to use manner.


My Database Manager


This app allows the user to access the database on their server directly from their iPhone. It’s a very versatile tool for making changes to the database tables, running queries and gathering information about their databases. Having the best mobile broadband connection makes this app easy to use.




For web designers that need to keep track of their web page stats while on the go, Ego does the job in a user-friendly manner directly on the iPhone. Ego supports a variety of web stat formats such as Google Analytics, Tumblr, Feed Burner, Vimeo and many others. Hourly, daily, weekly stats are available via the Ego iPhone app.


FTP On the Go


Accessing files on the server is critical for web designers who are constantly on the go. Just as its name implies, FTP On the Go gives them the ability to upload and download files, create directories, rename, move and delete files, and perform other tasks directly from their iPhone.

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