My WordPress Development Process

Step 1: Project Assessment

Our first step to building your website is for me to gather as much information as I can about you or your company. Some of the questions I ask include:

  1. what your company is about or professional services that you offer;
  2. what you need with your website in terms of content or features;
  3. your design preferences or company branding guidelines;
  4. your competition, their websites and why you think their sites work or fail;
  5. our measure of success, what business problems will this website solve, what you hope to achieve with your new website;

To speed things up, I have created an online form that you may answer here. The form automatically calculates an estimate of the total project cost. Right from the start, you may already have an idea about the fees you will be paying for web development. My final quote will not deviate far from the calculated cost unless additional features are added to the project.

Step 2: Project Proposal with Final Quote

I review your requirements then prepare a project proposal and email this to you in PDF format. The proposal contains a detailed list of the scope of the project and the corresponding fee. Once you agree to the proposal and my quote, I send you a contract for digital signature and an online invoice for 30% downpayment. I especially require this for first time clients. With repeat clients, I usually invoice them after web development is completed (but before the project is launched). You may pay via PayPal, Western Union or bank deposit.

Step 3: Design and Web Development

I create the design in Photoshop. It's ok if we prepare several design mockups before I start with web development. It is your website and I want you to be happy with the design before I start coding into WordPress.

Once you approve a design, I start building your website. 99% of the time, I build websites using WordPress. This reduces the time I spend on development and I can code your site faster than building it from scratch. Sometimes it might be necessary to build a theme from scratch. This will require more time and consequently cost more. Rest assured that you will know beforehand if we go with this option.

I use my own hosting server during development. Once development is complete and I am paid in full, only then will I migrate the website to your own server. 

Depending on the site requirements, development time may take from three weeks (e.g. simple blog) to over a month (e.g. online store, large company websites).

I send you another 30% invoice when the project reaches 50% completion.

Step 4: Project Launch and Turnover

I send you the final 30% invoice. Upon payment, I migrate the site files to your server and your website goes live. I give free website support up to a month after we launch your site. Support includes:

  1. correcting typo errors;
  2. help in adding pages and posts;
  3. minor design fixes;
  4. teaching you about WP and adding content to your site.

Free website support does not include:

  1. major design revisions that need new templates;
  2. adding plugins that require changes in templates or more design;
  3. adding more than 10 pages or posts.
  4. any feature not included in the original agreement.

We close the project.