WordPress for the clueless:How to build a WordPress site

Pinoy bloggers are on the rise. Surf the web today and you find many of our kababayans publishing blogs on a variety of subjects, some of the more popular topics being: travel, fashion, photography, gadgets, and business. Check which platform their blog is running on and more often than not you will find that WordPress is the engine powering many of these sites.

The growing interest in blogging has also extended to pinoy professionals and companies, especially because blogging is a good way to attract audience and potential buyers. Businesses are also becoming aware that WordPress is more than a blogging tool. It can serve as a content management system for business and commercial websites, and the hosts of available plugins can easily convert a site to an online store, events portal,  online collaboration tool, media streaming site, social network… almost anything you can think of. And if you can’t find a plugin to suit your business needs, there are many savvy developers out there who can build a customized solution for you.

Without a doubt, WordPress is driving even my freelance business. These past two months, I have had several emails from people inquiring about using WordPress for a professional portfolio, to set up an online store, or to convert an old company website into a content managed system.

But despite its popularity, WordPress can be a daunting subject for those without a background in internet technology, and most people who approach me belong to this group. They are business owners, or the marketing officer in a company or solo professionals, people who are not in IT and who would rather concentrate on managing their business than agonizing over geeky stuff. But they do wish to know if only a superficial understanding of WP and its machinations, just enough to feel secure that this is the tool they need before committing themselves to it.

And so I occasionally receive emails inquiring about the more technical aspects of WordPress, from dealing with domains and web hosts, to installing  and managing WordPress, themes and plugins. To help my clients and to stop myself from repeating my answers over emails when somebody asks me a question about WP, I have decided to write a guide on setting up WP and to direct future queries to these posts.

I will break up the posts into the following topics:

  1. How to choose and register a domain name;
  2. How to select a web host;
  3. How to install WordPress using cPanel;
  4. How to manually install WordPress;
  5. Where to find themes for your blog, niche-specific themes and how to install themes;
  6. Essential plugins for content management, performance, SEO and security and how to install them; and
  7. How to tune your WordPress site for performance and security.
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