I helped the artist to convert his static portfolio website to WordPress and merged it with a blog that was previously hosted on a separate WP installation.
The client, ReD Ognita, is a Filipino fine art photographer based in Beijing who specializes in minimalist black and white photography. I helped him convert his static portfolio website to a WordPress CMS and merged a blog that was hosted in a separate installation.
The client required that we stick to the original minimalist design. I took the original static website html and rewrote the code to create a customized WordPress theme with a photo gallery section.
I created a custom post type to group the galleries together in the WordPress admin backend in order to make photo management easier by separating them from the rest of the blog posts.
The client requested that I stay clear of jQuery lightboxes in building the gallery and to keep individual photos on separate pages. I realized that this requirement can be managed by WordPress’ built-in attachment pages, so I simply used the built-in media attachment pages to handle the photo display.
Finally, the client wanted to be able to edit the site favicon and logo. To manage this, I added a custom theme options page in the admin where he can upload image files to replace the ones displayed on the frontend. (Note: this was before the introduction of theme logo and favicon editor in the WordPress theme customizer.)
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