I created a quick online booking website for my sister who is a pediatrician. Because of the COVID-19 quarantine, she needs a way for her existing patients who do not require physical checkup to book for an online consultation and send their payments online. This way, her patients do not unnecessarily expose themselves to infection by being in public space, especially in the hospitals. This will also limit my sister's exposure by attending physically only those patients who need immediate care.
Upon her request, I also expanded the website to accept appointments for clinic visits using a form that contains basic screening questions for COVID-19 exposure.
I used WordPress with WooCommerce for building the website. Payments are handled with PayPal. The online checkup itself will be managed by my sister, and her patient's, preferred mobile messaging app.
Because my sister requested that I do not advertise her live website (she's using it for now for existing patients), I cloned a demo website instead. Visit the demo site at https://demo.eclinicph.com
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